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 All profits will be donated to the
Youth Music Program in Somerville Public Schools in MA. 

In 2004, hand drummer Marcus Santos from Salvador city in Bahia, Brazil, began a new concept in drumming and community outreach!

Grooversity is the innovative and creative drumming system that Marcus has developed for wellness, education and entertainment purposes.
It promotes community outreach, diversity awareness targeting health wellness. This multi-city percussion project is creating a network of people world wide.

Grooversity’s network includes people of different ethnicities, ages, and races. It portrays a positive message by engaging communities to appreciate physical and mental health, diversity, support civil rights, encourage self-esteem, and most importantly, enjoyment.

The Grooversity system is Marcus’ original drumming compositions based on the traditional Afro Brazilian rhythms, which he has combined with a world music perspective and a modern approach.

Grooversity is fun, interactive and inclusive. Every person and instrument is equally important and essential for the ensemble. Some patterns are intricate and challenging for the most experienced professional drummer, and others are simpler yet equally important patterns for the amateur player. In fact, the simplest patterns are the most important components of the ensemble because they keep the other elements together.

Grooversity brings weakness and activism to an entertainment level and has engaged communities worldwide in Saskatchewan (Canada), Paris (France), Badbergen (Germany) and Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wyoming; in the USA.