Founded in 2007, Tropicaleiza is an Afro-Samba Dance Company fusing together elements of African dance and Brazilian Samba. Afro-Samba was birthed out of Julie Simon’s many years of African dance training/performing mixed with the many years of Brazilian Samba training/performing. Although Afro-Samba is the basis for Tropicaleiza, the company keeps growing, redefining, and reinventing itself all while making a name synonymous with energy and power throughout California.
In 2012 Tropicaleiza expanded to include it’s very own Bateria the Afro-Samba Mamas Directed by Pedro Ha. In 2013 Julie Simon and business partner April Maclean opened World To Dance : A dance studio for adults. It is here that the Afro-Samba Mama Bateria trains and is based.
Number of players: 14
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Pedro Ha
Julie Simon