Bateria Quilombola is a Chicago based Brazilian percussion ensemble that was born from the passion for Brazilian Rhythms. Its mission is to spread the joy of playing Brazilian percussion through weekly classes, and sharing the good energy by performing and giving people a wonderful opportunity to dance at the sounds of samba, samba reggae, coco, baião, maculelê…

Brazilian percussions imply a polyrhythmic way of playing that gives a great sense of community, of complementarity, and its complexity demands concentration and responsibility towards the group. Good music is our goal, but above all, it is the joy of learning, playing and improving as individuals and as a group. 

Bateria Quilombola is always happy to be part of a larger group of passionate Brazilian percussion groups in the Chicago area and participates in events organized by the Evanston Escola de Samba (Reed Flygt) and the Old Town School of Folk Music (Geraldo de Oliveira).

Bateria Quilombola is now a member of Grooversity and is very excited to get such a great inspiration from Marcus Santos’ fantastic grooves and from his upbeat, warm energy! 

Thank you Marcus!


Coordination: Noemi Kopp-Tanaka

Musical leadership: Peter Korajczyk

Musical contributors: Reed Flygt, John Beard, Geraldo de Oliveira