Samba Joia is an Afro-Brazilian drumming group founded and conducted by Cindy Hill in its first five years. Currently,  Rob Ticherich (manager) and Dylan Moffit (conductor) and Cindy Hill (bookings) in Cleveland are working alongside with Grooversity Director, Marcus Santos, from Bahia, Brazil, who currently lives in Boston. Our mission is to build community through the sharing of vibrant Brazilian music and culture, wherever we are called. The Portugese “Joia” translates to" Jewel", but also has a modern connotation of “cool,” such as the expression “ tudo joia!” or “everything’s cool.”
We are a mix of musicians, from students to community members to professional level players, ages 12-60, who share the same love of the warm Brazilian culture and the fantastic arrangements of Marcus Santos. Cleveland's biggest treat is when vibrant, hilarious Marcus comes into town to lead our bateria! "FIRED UP!"

Rob Ticherich