Bryan Cooperrider (Director)
Founded in the summer of 2008, Sambátuque is a Brazilian-inspired community percussion and dance ensemble based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our mission is to bring a greater appreciation of the rhythms of the African diaspora. We play a variety of Brazilian styles, including the batucada of Rio, Maracatu from Pernambuco, and the Afro-Brazilian rhythms of Bahia, to name a few, as well as rhythms of Africa and Cuba. We are also honored to be one of the bands playing the original, contemporary music of master drummer Marcus Santos. In America there is a wall between musical players and those who just listen. Part of our goal is to break down that wall - everybody can play music and dance! The members bring a good vibe, big smiles, and lots of energy to every show. Bring your dancing feet – you’ll want them when Sambatuque starts playing…